Entire Drawing Vanished

(Mac). While downloading a simple model from the warehouse, my drawing vanished. White screen. Tried zoom extents without luck.
What might I try? Tried to upload it but it is over the size limit.
I did look at a list of the components and they are all there, so that gives me hope. And I really need this for a meeting tomorrow.

Can you share the file so we can try to help you?

I tried to upload it but it said it was over the size limit.

Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

Elements Drawing

Did that work? I’ve never shared a link that way before.

It’s opening now. What was it you downloaded from the 3D Warehouse right before your model disappeared?

A throw pillow.

Here’s a screen shot

Did you delete the pillow after downloading it?

I pushed download and puf! no drawing. so I have no idea if it made it in. I tried the back-arrow.

Does this look like what you were working on?

I selected all of the contents of Outliner and copied them. Then I pasted into a new SKP file.

A couple of things to keep in mind. It’s always best to download content from the Warehouse into a separate SKP file so you can check it to make sure it doesn’t have any issues.

The other thing is, when you are modeling, do so with the camera set to Perspective, not Parallel Projection as you were in this file. Save Parallel Projection for creating plan and elevation scenes.

Yes…I may break into song and dance. Now can I do what you did or is it corrected in the dropbox file?

I don’t know how to select “all the contents of outliner”.

Select them as you would any other list contents. You can click in Outliner and hit Command-A.

You should be able to get it done but if you can’t, I’ll send you back the file I made.

One other thing: Correct the reversed faces (shown in green).

Ok…I’m goin’ in!

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I did it! I have no idea where you live but I’m sending you a flat screen TV, you wonderful, helpful person.
I was given the floorplan by someone else and I know it is parallel, not perspective. It has been making me crazy. Not wanting to break something, I haven’t changed anything. Can I do that now without messing things up?

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Good for you! I knew you could do it.

Well, thank you! I’ll go sit by the door and wait for it. :smiley:

You can change the camera without breaking anything. Just go to the Camera menu and select Perspective.

Truly appreciate your help. Have a great night, DaveRSketchupSage.

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Happy I could help. You have a great night, too.