My Endless Endeavors (or what's on my digital drawing board)

Hey guys. A little bit of unexpected and unplanned down time resulted in the thought that it might be fun to create a small classical bridge for a park or as a landscape feature. So, here’s my bridge. I know it’s not photo quality but my goal is to create renderings that still have a hand look to them. I hope you’all enjoy.

And thanks to a couple of folks who’s hard work I downloaded from the warehouse to aid in my design and images: the urns; the boulders; the trees; and some of the people.


Like the balance of your bridge design.

The shadow figures are interesting - might be worth exploring bringing them closer to other shadows in the render (make all shadows a little darker and more neutral and slightly lighten the figure shadows).

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Thanks for the comment! I vacillated on whether to use shadow figures or not. But I do think your suggestion is on point and very well taken.

If you have photoshop (or other layering program) this resource has some good tips on straight SU images into more refined sketches.

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The minutia of the bridge design, particularly the columns and handrail, is extraordinary. The underpass adds an interesting depth to the space.

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Hey y’all. I have worked with PhotoShop, InkSpace and Gimp for post production but I find it something of a challenge to attempt convincing renderings with only SketchUp and Layout. Plus maybe I’m just a little bit lazy too :slight_smile: . Anyway, here’s another take at the same view but with a stream instead of path. What do you’all think of this one?


Thank you Forestr, I very much appreciate the compliment.


Note too that Adobe Dimension can directly import SKP files, and you can then add a whole lot of different material attributes.

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I like how the stream adds functionality to the design. Now people can go on a walk and relax at a stream too!

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Looks great! Something similar exist in my town, only it’s not a bridge but stops at the middle and it’s a nice place to be at. Great work.

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Hey y’all. I thought perhaps some of you guys might enjoy seeing my latest locomotive 3D model. I hope you enjoy…Mick


Stunning model! Perfect!

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Like the train. Nice work on the bridge. PS work and all. Like the Elysian Fields, hence the “shades” walking about.


Hello Mick Great locomotive !

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Love tho loco!

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nice work! here’s one that I have modeled.


Just can’t seem to stop doing these things. Hope you enjoy this very unusual locomotive, called a camel.


I used to be a camel spotter…

When I get to examine these models, it’s SCARY the detail you get into.