Infrastructure Construction Images

I guess the focus is on interior and building models from what I’ve seen and read so far. I see some landscape plans come through quite nicely. Today was my first trial, and wondering if work is being done on making it usable for Infrastructure construction?
Or do I need to make my model more clean and precise?
Not sure if writing better descriptions would change the result, as you can see it knows what it’s trying to render, but seems the painter has just got back from a liquid lunch!
Here’s a couple examples of my first attempts; (last pic is getting close, but no where near as good as the interior images)

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Hey Ed_68,

Could you share some SketchUp files?


Here you go Jacques
Hope you can get in, it’s our work sharefile.
My focus is developing methods of construction & qty takeoff. I’ve never prepped a model for rendering. In my line of work as an estimator I don’t really need rendered models. We have a digital engineering team that produce the renders. But saying that, if you can get this to work just as well for us as it does for interior designers, I think there is certainly value to be had.
you guys are awesome, love having this amazing sandpit to play in to stem the boredom of numbers all day.