Looking for a quote for rendering


I am looking for someone to create 4 rendered images similar to a mix of the examples I have attached below. I will supply the SketchUp model of the building but I want it rendering like below with some grass, vegetation and background.

I have four different buildings I would like this doing for, but they will all have the exact same perspective and background. I want a more photo realistic quality.

Initially I will start with one image to make sure the quality is suitable.

Sent you a PM earlier today.
Can render your SketchUp models with Enscape.
Contact me via txt msg and/or e-mail if you want to move on this.

Am trying to help you out here. But I asked you to contact me via e-mail and or txt msg … not a PM.
Thus I do not know who you are … or how to contact you … or what you are trying to achieve with the renderings.

Meanwhile … there is no problem adding some interest to the rendering … but you are going to have to be a bit more specific about what you consider interesting.

Some people might find this interesting.

I suggest that you add the walls, fences, paving etc. to the SketchUp model itself.

And then annotate a plan view indicating where you want the trees, bushes, plants etc.

I can then quickly add the vegetation using the Enscape Asset Library … and deliver to you a hi-res rendering … no problem.