Need help 3D rendering of a house

Can someone please help me with some 3D rendering pics of a house that I made it Sketchup? It is for an examen project <3

This should probably be moved to the Commercial and Collaborative Work category.

Is this a paid gig?

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School ?

Send me the drawing.
I will render it for you.

Johan Van Synghel

I have uploaded it to warehouse:

I can’t find it 3DWarehouse.
Under what name or what description is it been saved?

Hhm try search skifer sss

clicking on th e image here takes you to the model.

Here’s a quick basic render for you…
The model needs some more work, the walls need holes where the wind

ows are etc…

It is so beautiful. You have made such a good job👍

Can you make a very high quality picture?

To my mail

It can be rendered at a higher resolution but I think you will start to see
the shortcomings of the model more clearly. Things like window details,
door details lapboard thickness etc. I would even degrade this a little
more unless you want to detail the model more. Not sure what it’s for but
having a “impression” or conceptual look can be better than hyper realistic.

Steve Hardie
323 363 5649

Nice, but students should be doing their own work.


Hi Whiterabbitdesigncompany!
Just one question: where did you get the grass? Its very good.
Regards, Roel

Agree Dan. Or at least they should say thank you.

It’s made using the “skatter” plugin. There are some good grass 3D models that can be used to good effect (in fact not too hard to make yourself!), but this plugin works nicely on selected surfaces and in “proxy” mode keeps the polycount down so that only the renderer has to deal with it.

I also agree that students should attempt to do their own work, I also believe in the need for inspiration. Hopefully this may do that?..when I see amazing renders it certainly inspires me to work harder, learn more, to achieve that skill level, I hope that by taking someone’s model and transforming it by example may do that for them…maybe not?

Some of the renderers are expensive and are prohibitive for students but some do have student discounts, some are free, whatever they can get their hands on will be a good start to a lengthy learning curve.

Thanks, I will check it out for sure.
And it’s true, you never know, some are looking for that inspiration,
others only try to get ready as soon as possible :slight_smile:

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