Help! can somebody make me a 3d model ? please help me with my project :)


I don’t know if this is something that can be asked here but I am trying… For a project I need a 3D model of a specific building which I will be using the interior and exterior for renderings later in Lumion. BUT first I need to make the basic 3D model in Sketchup but unfortunately I don’t have a lot of experience to start this model from scratch, it will take me a long time which I do not have right know

Is there somebody who is willing to make me the model of this building? Maybe somebody that is bored in this quarantine time and needs something to do? :slight_smile:

I can provide you with the DWG file of the floorplans and also other drawings for measurments etc.

please help

Edit: The building that I am talking about is called the Bouwcentrum, which is located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. It is specifically about the building called ‘‘Het Ronde Gebouw’’. (The Bouwcentrum had various other buildings)

The project is a school project, I am studying Spatial Design :slight_smile:

And also I have the DWG floorplans drawings and sections with measurments… if its needed

Is this the building? Just curious - not offering to make it for you. But it might help someone to decide if they want to tackle it.

Yes that is the building!

Hi - I too am looking for a skilled amateur to help me on a fantasy house project. Ideally suited to an experienced sketcher who wants to earn something in lock down. Pm or post to get me. Or if you have an tip of boards on which I can post then please let me know. Also I am aware that I may not be use the right tecchy or ‘buzz’ words so again you clever people - please guide me. I am afraid I am so thick that I should have been a politician … Very many thanks guys.

To have sufficient knowledge of construction, be able to interpret plans, (old ones at that), and be adequately skilled in SU to be able to construct a model containing enough detail that it can be used for rendering in Lumion, definitely takes it a fair way out of the reach of any amateur unfortunately.

I am a senior Design engineer, can certainly helpp you.
Please get in touch to discuss further:


I sent you a private message, MrBumble.