Hiring - Renewable Energy Company Requires 3D Property & Building Models


My company requires the assistance of a SketchUP drafter for our projects. This would be on a per project basis, the number of projects will depend on the rate and final quality of the project.

We are looking for somebody who can import geographic (topographic and satellite imagery) to create a 3D model of a specific piece of property. They would then need to very roughly recreate any building on that piece of property (usually only a barn or two) and finally add our building, piping, infrastructure to the image. Ideally together we could build a layout template that you also complete for us for each individual project.

Its worth noting we are not looking for a highly rendered final product, but something with the right amount of detail and quality. I have already completed one project that can be used as an example, we are simply not happy with the final quality due to my lack of skills.

Please send an email to Dillan.Ferguson@RenovusEnergy.ca with your rate (in Canadian dollars), a quote for a project as mentioned above, timeline for completion and examples of previous work. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,
Dillan Ferguson

Hi, Please check PM

Make sure the person you contract with has a SketchUp Pro license.