Expert SketchUp user needed - be my PAID person for new house graphics interior and exterior

Hello, I am a Property developer that designs and sells new build houses. I would like someone to create exterior 3-D images of the front, rear and inside. You would have the full architects drawings with every measurement on. My company creates bespoke houses and I have 1 house ready to model and one in a few months. If you are interested let me know - you do not necessarily need to have had experience before and age doesn’t matter its about being reliable and good enough :slight_smile:

Although I am based in Devon, UK I don’t mind where you are based.


might be handy to say where your based…


Hi John i’m based in Exeter, Devon. However I have all of the architects plans with measurements so it shouldn’t matter too much. I can email the current build if you like?

I’m in London, I sent you a private message…

should be a green circle in the top right corner…


John, i have sent the details via email…

Hi Ian…

I’m not person for this job, my initial reply was more to assist you in finding someone…


Hello Ian,

I’m Toan, architect and sketchup visualizer. Can i have your email for sending you my works ? I’m very interested about it !


Hi, thanks but I have now secured someone.Ian