How to hire one of you?


I’m sorry if this is not the appropriate way to go about this, I work for a marketing company and we have a client looking to turn their drawings into 3d models they can see. How can I hire someone from here? Please let me know your rates and proficiently. You can email me if you prefer:


awesome, thank you for pointing me in that direction!


I would suggest that you give more of a description of the sort of work you are looking to have done. What kind of models and so on. Also make sure that whoever you hire has a license for SketchUp Pro. Users of free versions of SketchUp aren’t licensed to do commercial work.

The more specifics you can provide about the job at hand, the more likely you’ll get qualified candidates.

I’d consider myself reasonably proficient with SketchUp but I may or may not do the sort of work your client is interested in.


I think most here would think you mean 2d dimensional drawings, but I suppose this could also mean sketches and ideas, so that might be important to clarify. Also, would you be looking for photorealistic renders, or just plain 3d models, artistic illustrations, etc.? You have a lot of options.


I just deleted the second post because this one is fine. As Dave mentioned, please try to find out what the client is looking for (i.e. interior design, construction, engineering, etc.) Someone will likely be available for hire, but they’ll need details!


All great questions and ones I just asked the client!! Thank you for the quick reply!