Where can I hire someone to help with my SketchUp project?

Hello! I have the SketchUp Pro product, and have uploaded the CAD versions of a house plan and survey. I am having some trouble though figuring out how to see the plans in 3D. I’d love to hire someone to help me walk through this. I am using it for personal use, for building a lakehouse for myself. Thanks so much for your help!

I moved your post to the appropriate category. I expect you will get some respondents. Make sure whomever you hire is qualified to do the job. That is the need to have an appropriate SketchUp Pro or Shop license.

Thank you so much Dave!

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I do this sort of thing for clients on a regular basis … would be glad to help you develop a 3D model of your lakehouse from the CAD file. Will send you a PM with my contact info.

Hi, I can help you to develop a 3D model form CAD design.
Pleas check PM for more details.
Thanks, Vincent

hello sir :slight_smile:
i can help you with your model , this it my work ,



contacte me

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