Happy to PAY for some renderings of house exteriors


Howdy, I am looking for someone to take my model and make two or three high quality renders of exterior views. I am a home builder and while my sketch-up ability is adequate when it comes to producing plans and elevations in layout my realistic rendering is meh at best. After toying with some rendering programs it appears I either need to buy a good (costly) one or spend time learning to use a cheap/free one, neither option appeals to me right now so I’d rather pay for the few renders I need. The model is in the warehouse, titled “MTDC Spec '17” I stripped it down to the parts I’d think you would need for exterior renders. If you’re interested let me know. Estimated cost and some samples of your work appreciated,



Okay, I’m curious - Did I say something wrong? or is this not the kind of thing people do here? Is my model that hard to get a good render from? or perhaps I’m mistaken about the difficulty involved in my request? Ah well, guess I’ll spend a few days/weeks/howeverlongs learning to create a good render. I Hope I don’t sound snarky, but I am puzzled that people will freely help confused modelers to solve problems, going so far as to make step by step video examples, but offer some compensation for a service and it’s crickets.


hi Mike,

I edited your title to see if that grabs any attention as you haven’t said anything wrong and this type of thing does and should happen here…

attaching the Warehouse model may also help…

btw: welcome to the forum



Thanks John,
I should have made that more clear in the title.

Also,I did try to put my model in the original post but was told it was too big. thus the warehouse link. I figured it was a “you’re a newb and cant do that yet” kind a thing.


There’s a file upload size limit on this forum of 3MB that applies to everyone. AFAIK the only limit for a new member is that you are limited to one upload per post.


Hi Michael,

The model is fine, but far from complete in terms of being ready to render.
There’s no texture applied to what presumably will be partially exposed foundation.
Terrain, driveway, landscaping and other exterior ‘entourage’ that lead to an appealing presentation are all missing.

Obviously, completing the model takes time and rendering takes time.
What isn’t obvious is the time it takes to elicit what a client has in mind.
Clearer direction and examples of what you consider “high quality renders” will lead better response.


HI Geo,
Thanks for the advice, I have been adding some of those details you mention as I have been dabbling with some rendering software and learning whats needed. I guess I ought to update the warehouse version as well.
To your second point what I have in mind is one or two “curbside” type views of a good enough quality to be used on a flyer brochure type advert. This project is a spec house and I want to give some realtors a heads up, also might put the plans and the renders on a yard sign as construction progresses, sort of a ‘coming soon’ kind of thing. I don’t need super realistic and honestly the few samples I’ve made as I learn are probably ‘good enough’.

I need to add plants and tweak the lighting,background and the sky, as the house is going to be on a wooded lot. That will probably take me a week of evenings where I would think an experienced render-er could knock something out in a few hours.


Hello TheHyperbole,

I would help you with this please get me connected.



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