Open to freelance work

Hey Everyone.

This probably won’t go far, but figured I’d give it a try. Because while I do have a pretty great career right now I think it would be awesome to spend my days in SketchUp just modeling away. I have a 2023 and 2024 SU Studio license so I can model off of point clouds and have access to V-Ray rendering tools. The latter I don’t have much experience in but I actually do have a lot of experience in lighting design and analysis (via AGi32) which could lend itself to a slightly better learning curve for V-Ray’s pros/cons, workflows, etc.

I also have some experience making dynamic components, mainly of things that create new instances when a main object is scaled (like yard fences and such).

Anyway, if anyone is looking for someone who has had almost 20 years using SketchUp in some capacity or another, please let me know.