Rendering with Raylectron

I’ve been using this software for about 18 months now or more and I’ve found it to be so easy to use. And while at times the quality may not suit everyone, for what I do and I’m sure others dabble in, it is really worthwhile having a look at. These are some of my renderings and while they are all sci-fi related, Raylectron is well up to doing other spheres of 3d modeling as well.

This first is based on the Stargate BC304. Slightly smaller, this is my gun cruiser, the CG-360.


The City of Atlantis

Stargate Puddle Jumper


Cheyenne Class Alien dropship

The USS Sulaco


You can also make cool videos. They’d be much better than mine of course, my computer isn’t the best for doing that.

Stargate F302G