Star Wars Rendering Process w/ V-Ray & SketchUp

Eric strikes back this week, rendering the AT-ST model from last week’s session. The stream takes place the day after official Star Wars Day, so there’s sure to be plenty of news and lore to discuss.

He’ll walk through some pointers with V-Ray to transport this clean model to the dirty, lived in world of a galaxy far, far away. Tune in and go from padowan learner to Jedi master!


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Thanks @matt_robison for the plug. For the Jedi-curious out there, given that this April was Return of the Jedi’s 40th anniversary since it’s theatrical release, I thought I’d use @TheOnlyAaron’s AT-ST model as the hero (or villain?) of a shot inspired by the battle scene on Endor. Trying not to pre-plan too much here as the fun is to problem solve it in real time.

There will be Megascans assets used, Transmutr for conversion to SU format, PBR materials, Skatter to populate huge swaths of vegetation, and much more. Hope to see you all there on the 5th of May, one day AFTER the official Star Wars Day.

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Happy official May the 4th everyone! I’m busy today gathering some assets for tomorrow’s stream. Hope to see you all there…If you need the time off work, just wave your hand through the air and tell your boss ‘these are not the deliverables you’re looking for’…and see if that works :wink:


Well that was a lot of fun, Thanks Eric for another great session and thanks Donovan for adding the robotic sound effects :laughing:

Thanks @keggy for watching. And everyone else too. See below for where we got in 2 hrs and 7 mins earlier today:

Started with @TheOnlyAaron’s AT-ST from last week’s stream.

Added some materials too it so as to preserve the original geometry but add another level of detail:

Modeled some stuff from scratch…such as the Rebel Bunker.

Placed and ‘skattered’ some planting and Storm Trooper entourage from 3DW, Laubwerk and Megascans (by way of Transmutr):

Set a camera angle and made final edits/adjustments to placement of everything:

And finally, with only 10 mins left to go…did a very quick, but passable render with V-Ray:

Thanks again everyone. Have a great weekend!