Making a Star Wars inspired landscape live, with Eric!

You guys seemed to like him, so we brought him back! Eric is going live this Friday to prove that he is more than just a render bot (or droid?). Check out some amazing SketchUp skills as he assembles an amazing Star Wars inspired sci-fi landscape in SketchUp, Live on YouTube!

2022-09-16T18:00:00Z on YouTube!


Regardless of the crash, It was a very nice and informative session indeed :+1::100:
Thank you all

I’ve posted this at Matt Robinsons suggestion during the live stream today.

There was a bit of to-ing and fro-ing about Eric’s positioning of the canopy hinge with one viewer pointing it out on several occasions. He was told that the model was correct by several others but I defended him and here is the proof he was correct. Note the hinge line placement here, directly behind the front wedge of 3 windscreens


and now compare it with this one at the rear of the whole assembly.

This is no way detracted from an excellent presentation by Eric and ought to placate the viewer who correctly pointed out the error (8 times in the chat).

Thanks for paying that level of attention. The problem wasn’t the hinge at all but the canopy model - meaning it wasn’t split into parts. Of course I could have re-built that part to get it right… I can’t complain though because it saved me a couple of hours of X-Wing modeling :wink:

We got a lot of issues around canopies here, at SketchUp Live…

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No problems. I almost kept up with you but will have to watch this again a couple of times, along with the lighthouse one to get my head around this skill; thanks again for another excellent demo.

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For sure but not canapés as mentioned by the viewer I alluded to - much nicer and easier to eat!!


Here are the exports that came straight from the model+assembly+render session earlier - in case anybody wants them :wink: Happy Friday all.

Assets we started with and process steps:

SU model with final camera selected:

V-Ray Export (Fog was giving me trouble there at the end. Next time I’ll do better!):

Color By Tag Mode:

Edges with ‘Hidden Geometry’ showing:

Composite overlay - SU to V-Ray:

Composit Overlay - SU to CBT to V-Ray: