Modeling a Park Live with Eric!

Landscape master Eric will be hopping on the live stream this Friday and walking you through the creation of a park in SketchUp! Bring your landscape architecture questions and Friday vibes to this can’t miss live modeling session, only on YouTube!

2022-10-14T18:00:00Z on YouTube!


Looking forward to another good one! I am planning a new Gardens of Tivoli. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Waiting for it,
Anyway, I guess the first word Eric will say is “Everyone!” :shushing_face: :smiley:

That was fun. Thanks again to everyone that tuned it. Now go put down your mouse and enjoy your weekend! - Here’s the finished model for anyone who’s interested:


That was a great session Eric, really cool to see some real world problems tackled and an open discussion of different methods. Nice job.


Thanks @endlessfix Trying something new and dif over here. Glad we/I got through it without any major issues! :slight_smile:

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Yeah but a few small issues is really helpful because we see how you recover and how you adjust the workflow and try again. Kudos for picking a complex ambitious goal, you could have played it safe but this was way cooler.


Eric, to as many live tutorials as possible! Especially on the subject of landscapes. And as complex as possible. Thank you!

And if issues arise on the modeling side, trying to find solutions (maybe not even live) is useful and I can learn a lot from it.

Wow Eric, that was a great session. So sorry that I couldn’t join in the Live session, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the playback this morning. Great ‘Pro’ tips and like you, I also got a lot from your session with Daniel at 3DBC. Great stuff - thanks.

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