3D Modeling an AT-ST Live with Aaron

@TheOnlyAaron brings his SketchUp mind tricks to the axes this week as he models a scout walker from the Star Wars universe! How will he recreate the mechanized chicken of the Galactic Empire?

The answer to that (and many references from @jody) are on SketchUp Live this Friday. See you there!


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Tihs was a fun model! Modeled from scratch from a (so-so) reference drawing. In this live model we focused on:

  • Modeling compontens from mulitple reference images
  • Modeling half of a symetrical component to save work
  • Creating points from which to rotate components to make it easier to pose models
  • Starting with basic geometry, then returning to add additional detail

Woot! I love me an At Sit.

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Find the egg first!

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Yes! Let’s do this!!


Timing timing timing…never works for me.

It’s almost time!

Will there be lasers?

As promised, here is the model!


Good session guys, Thanks again.Aaron and Jody. No lasers though :cry:

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Surely this was about a week early, May the Fourth would have been more appropriate.

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I made a Warhammer walking tank with my son during lockdown.
It was a pretty faithful copy of a model kit that he has.
It’s a pretty shameless ripoff of a Star Wars AT-ST but I like the fact that it’s diesel powered!

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Why did you wait until now to present this? I started my project a couple years ago! Your video would have been so helpful.
Inconsiderate, I calls it.

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Since May the Fourth falls between two Fridays, we thought it would best to do Star Wars models this week AND next Friday!


Have you seen his LEGO Millennium Falcon? That one is mind blowing.


Amazing, and best of all you don’t step on any of the pieces in the middle of the night when going to the bathroom.

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