Sleepless Star Wars Night Scene


SketchUp Screenshot:


Very cool :+1: Curious how much of the special effects are straight render engine and how much if any post pro ? Assuming V-Ray ?

Thanks @tuna1957 and good questions. I’d say 5 mins of post-processing to darken the left rock outcropping and add some glow to where the lava and rocks meet. See lighting breakdown below…I’ve been trying to get to a point where I do 99% of the work in SU+V-Ray (I used to just render a clay model and do ALL of the work in Photoshop over the top!).

Render with no frame buffer color corrections:

Self illumination only (ie emissive materials):

Ambient lighting only (sphere lights - note some weird artifacting from the way the sphere light interacts with fog):

Environmental lighting (Belfast Sunset HDRI)

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One must be careful to darken out things in the outer rim…

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Thanks for the great information. Not a V-Ray user so was curious how much you where able to achieve straight out of the render. Very interesting and again very cool images.

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