Modern Middle Eastern Villa Concept (plus Render)

This is an original villa concept in the style of modern Middle Eastern Architecture. Done with SketchUp 2018 and V-Ray 3.6 for rendering.

The traditional elements are present as these:

  • Iwan – a large, rectangular, intricately decorated vaulted portal structure to the main entrance door, which is inspired from medieval Persian Architecture.
  • Semi-circular arch and pointed arch
  • Muqarnas – ornamental vaulting design featured in the Iwan

The villa from different angle:

Finally, this is my second attempt at creating a more complex Muqarnas. I use a 2D geometric art image as the reference, and just playing around with the edges, forming contours.

Screenshot (612)
Screenshot (613)

Muqarnas placing on Iwan:


Nice design - I especially like the muqarnas!

However, this seems more like a palace, or a hotel, than a villa…! :grin:

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Thank you, yea this was actually supposed to be villa on the first hand, but I elaborated too much and put the giant portal with the muqarnas on the facade, which even make this building look more like a royal residence or palace. So yea…everyone are free to identify this structure as palace, inn, villa, or whatever they like XD