My Projects

My first high detailed building:

One of the renders from SketchUp’s competition (Beach House)

Wanted to try new rendering software (Twinmotion 2018)

Saw a mural painting of something similar to this scene so I wanted to recreate it in 3D

Rainy night in USA in 70’s (Always a fan of old stuff)

I recreated mosque from my hometown Gracanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is called ‘‘white mosque’’ (Bijela Dzamija).

Another pretty detailed house. Nothing special.

Design renders and real life result of the kitchen that I’ve designed for my brother.

House design for my cousin. Inspired from one of the images I found online. He liked it.

House I recreated. (Not my design)

Mediterranean house and my first time using Lumion

I tried to go modern a little bit, turned out ok. Not my favorite style though.

Italian countryside house. One of my most detailed model and the one that slowed my pc the most :stuck_out_tongue:


Kitchen design I made for my parents, I will post a real life result when it’s finished.

effectsResult effectsResult


Waoooh ! J’aime cette simplicité. Aviez-vous dessiné l’intérieur du bâtiment aussi ?

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Interesting range of styles.

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I made only walls and the layout but I didn’t add any furniture and such… I wanted to but then changed my mind. I just wanted to make exterior in this projects so i considered going inside would be waste of time. :smiley: Thank you

Yeah, I’m kinda all over the place. I don’t like being bind to one style, I like to do a bit of everything. Hope you like it :smiley: