Moorish arch


How is the construction(drafting details) for this arch

Do you mean how do you draw it or how do you build it?

Nice photograph. Are you wondering how to draw it in SketchUp? Or are you just sharing images of Moorish arches?

Massive stone blocks. the size of the joints are the size of the blocks. Simple…

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The photographs represent a structure that is probably of concrete or brick, covered with a thin stone veneer. The joints in the veneer are in places impossible for a real vaulted structure. No keystone, and the sides and bottom don’t match.


You are right! Thank you for the remark. I didn’t even bothered looking at the joints. I always find awkward why people like to create fake stuff like this… If it’s concrete why keep building as if it’s still made of stone?

Anyway I guess the OP has two options now…

Well, even the ancient Romans built like that…

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We should have learnt something since then? More than a millennia and a half have passed.

Oh, we have. We have learnt that building in stone blocks is incredibly expensive. I have a project at the moment where the skin of the building will be in self-supporting stone blocks 150mm thick. That is much more than a veneer but it is not the full thickness of the wall either. It’s a modern hybrid. But the stone is being quarried in Portugal and transported to Scotland where the blocks will be cut and moulded. Then it has to be transported again several hundred miles into England to the site where it has to be laid by specialist stonemasons using thin lime joints.

The stone will not cover the whole house by any means but that element alone is costing about £1 million. Not recommended for your average first time buyer!

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