Copying architect details


I’m currently doing a detailed architectural drawing and need to copy a detail. How can I copy the attached image and apply it to a drawing easily/quickly?


when you say “copy a detail” do you mean you can use it exactly as is?
I would just place the image in Layout

Or do you mean that you need to redraw it to make it your own drawing?
You could put the drawing into sketchup, scale it to the right size, and draw on top of it.

Or make a drawing with sketchup geometri to the side of it, and just use the image for reference/ measuring.

If you want to make a 3D model of the coping, you will need more than just the plan view.

I need to copy this wall detail into my own drawing. So I was hoping to be able to copy a sample then drag it over the walls I have on my drawing.

Its a section on a 2d drawing.

Are you wanting to insert this image into SketchUp or Layout…?

Even worse! If it’s a standard section looking down, it won’t even show any coping, will it?

I need to put it in sketchup.


It currently looks like this (below) and I need the exterior walls to look the image in the original post.


Looks like you would need a combination of raw geometry (showing the “bars” going across the wall, say) and a texture applied to discrete areas.

Do you think I could copy part of it and use it as a texture ?

Not something that I would do.

You don’t need to. There are only two textures there. One consists of a series of parallel lines. The other looks like concrete. Both of those are built into the SU default palette.

Mapping detailed construction into the main outer wall is not something anybody would want, as far as I can tell. Better to keep it simple. At some point you might would want to separate your outer wall in 2 or 3 distinct layers, so that for instance cladding is a thin outer layer. More detail than that does not look professional, adds confusion, clutter and unnecessary work.

Hi thanks for the comments, where would I find the parallel bars build into the SU pallet?

The Materials panel