Extensions for construction detailing?


New to sketch up and currently looking to use it as my stand alone drawing program for work and I enjoy using it compared to CAD.

I work as a Architect.

Basically wanted to know is there any extensions for Construction detailing and drafting, mostly for sections etc?

It’s a great program and really handy for firing up models fast. Just more the 2D details side of things I haven’t seen or picked up yet. Currently have been doing my accurate work on normal CAD.


Take a look at SKALP to hatch / texture your sections (with various line thicknesses). You’ll need to model the detail you want, however it is recommended that you model details separately else your model files become too heavy.


I used to use AutoCad. I started using Sketchup about 15 years ago, mainly for presentation and working out tricky detailing (because of its 3D capability). I realized about 5 years ago that some users in the States only used SU for all their architectural drafting and were able to produce extremely professional output. So I watched a few videos and bought Michael Brightman’s book The Sketchup Workflow for Architetcture and haven’t looked back. I now only use AC (or a free clone in fact) to look at original DWGs.

I don’t know of any extensions that produce standard details, if that is what you mean. You still have to draw what you want the builder to construct.

I probably do half my drawing work in 3D and half in 2D, using SU. I expect some will say you should never use SU for 2D work but sometimes it is just quicker. Make sure you use Parallel Projection when working in 2D.



I’ll get a look at that book. Think I seen it before.

I think sketch up is the way forward, once I get the detailing side of things nailed down.


Just a note FYI, LayOut 2018 added scaled 2D drawing …

SketchUp Application Release Notes said …

Scaled Vector Drawing
Now you can use LayOut’s vector illustration tools to draw in 2D at scale. Use your SketchUp model as a scale basis to create blocking details. Or create your own scaled illustration to add details not necessary in your 3D model: dashed lines or blocking, for instance. Re-set scales as you wish and your work will resize as necessary. As you would expect, your scaled drawings are fully supported by LayOut’s Dimension and Label tools.

For more see the release notes and the LayOut User Guide


I do all my detailing on sections using section cut face plugin, by Tig. You will find it at Sketchucation Plugin Store.

Honestly detailing all there is to detail in a 3d model makes no sense to me, as well has building 3d details outside of the model is imho a waste of time.

Nothing beats a very simple, lightweight but effective model, with a lot of 2d details that accurately section the model in the right places.


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