Further training

Hi, I’ve recently started using sketchup. I’ve done the basic course in the sketchup campus but I’m now planning on doing more detailed construction drawings. So my question is where can I go for more detailed learning?



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How experienced are you in creating construction drawings? SU is merely a means to an end. The knowledge of what construction requires is a separate issue.

No very, I’m a main contractor and we’ve started to draw up some details.

I’m really after the ability to learn all the features that are available on SU to speed up the drawing process and increase the level of detail.

There are many features and extensions in Sketchup that can speed up drawing and documentation.

I would say the first step is to figure out what you would like to use it for?

  • Massing drawings or fine details to work through an assembly of a part or structure,
  • Presentation Drawings and walkthroughs to show clients
  • Coordinate the design and thoughts with subs and other designers
  • Automate some of the design work or quantity takeoffs.
  • Do you need constructions drawings so that the design can be handed off and built
  • All of the above

What is the existing system that you are using? What industry are you in?

Look up Nick Sanders (Structural Engineering with SketchUp – Nicholas Sonder, David Zachary | 3D Basecamp 2018 - YouTube). He is an American architect that I formed my landscape design workflow after.

Good luck with the learning and developing a new work flow.