Cutting & copying ‘windows’

First ever Sketchup project, looks promising, but…

Designing a wall for a modeling project. Putting together 4 identical windows. Couple of difficulties but main one is pasting a copied window - instead of fitting within the wal, it sits in front ie on the top surface of the layer.

Additionally, I’m modeling in 1:87 scale. Is there anty way to modify a texture to that scale? I’m seeking a brick pattern texture for eventual 3D modeling.

Can you upload a copy of your model, to make it easier to help you? I can’t quite work out the nature of your problem from your image.

To do that, using the web version, save your model, download it to your computer, then upload it here by dragging and dropping into your post while you are wrinting here.

Why not model full size, then if you need to, scale the output down for printing onto paper or card, or output to a 3D printer? Saves you having to calculate your dimensions for every measurement.

Hi John, thanks for your interest, I’ll see about uploading in a bit. The pic in my original post was intended t show the desired result. I need four of these in a neat row. Selecting, copying & pasting works easily enough. Problem is getting the pasted object to either ‘sit’ within the wall rather than in front o fit, or to show completely. Sometimes the interior detail is obscured by the wall surface.

Regarding the texture; I considered drawing at full size then reducing however, as I’m constructing pieces to fit within an existing kit bashed model it seemed better to model directly to the size required. If I can do it, what I’m after is a simple way to put in an embossed brickwork pattern, not simply a painted effect. If I can’t I’ll declare the structure ‘concrete rendered’ & paint it with all sorts of grime.

Let me get through breakfast & I’ll see about uploading the project.

I don’t believe the free web version allows you to edit the materials. Maybe you could find a brick texture image to import and use in your model.

Copy and paste is useful in SU but it’s not used as often as in other software as there is the move copy function.
In win it is ctrl with the move tool to make copies, not sure if it is command in Mac.
You see here I control copy to create 4 equally spaced, I copymove the first one then type 3/ to tell it I want 3 equally space along that distance.
Move copy

it’s option in Mac

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