Cutting holes in textured walls

I use SketchUp Make for my railway modelling and for most things it is brilliant. For wall textures I use Oob brick plugin which is great but does not have much 3d texture.
I turned to Blender and started using their 3d texturing tools. As you can see from pic realistic effects can be reproduced.

I can cut holes in the wall in Blender but it is clunky and not very accurate.

I can import and export the STL into SketchUp with no problems.

My question is how to punch window holes through the brick geometry.
I tried push pull and intersect geometry but as you guessed it was a painful experience. Is there an easier way ?
Thanks Eddy

Wall.skp (7.3 MB)
I have tried to pass on the love of SketchUp on my channel by making some tutorials for newbies like myself.
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If this is a solid group you could use the solid tools to do it

If it is 3D printable it is a solid so creating a box the size of the intended opening and using the Solid tools>Subtract to cut the hole should do the trick.

@eddy_99 is using Make, so no solid tools.
Personally I would use Fredo6’s Visuhole, it should punch through for you.

I am hobbyist using Make so no solid tools available for the pauper edition!
It is a shame Fredo does not do a licence for the single home user. It looks like I will have to use the Fredo tools if nothing else is available.
I was hoping to make a video on this for the newbie SketchUp railway modellers and having a paid plugin will put lots of people off. But that is life.


I’m not sure I’m understanding why you are having problems doing it manually. Could you attach a model so I can see what you have.

File attached under bottom pic

Duplicate your component and scale it up by 1000x, then Intersect Faces



I am stuck, duplicate, x1000, extrude through wall, box select the extrude and part of wall, intersect with selection then I don’t get how you only box select the extruded part to proceed further. I only get one face when I box select the extruded part.

If it is the part I think you mean, do you know the difference between a selection from left to right and right to left?
One only selects everything within the selection fence the other selects everything the selection fence touches.

Every day is a school day, something else I have learnt.
Still not there, I box select the extruded part and delete.
There is an outline on the face of wall.
I go to back of wall and there is no box to delete like you have?
From a numpty!!

I entered the component (right click > Edit component) and used the rectangle you drew for PushPull and then I Intersected the faces. Just look at the gif carefully. The dotted lines around the component indicate that it is edited and is being worked on.

And I set before all edges are soft and smooth.

Basics of SketchUp -

I do get all that you are saying right up until the last bit.
I have intersected the extruded section with the bricks and deleted the extruded part.
I have studied this frame by frame and these 4 pics show you rotating to back and the intersected bricks are highlighted and you delete them.
When I rotate the object the intersected bricks are not highlighted.
I am missing something.

If the intersecting bricks are not highlighted, then what happens when you click on that surface? You need to provide more information.

How do you select the bricks that have been intersected so I can delete them?

You really should provide information about what you did, how geometry looks after intersection and selection, etc… not another question.

You click on the rectangular surface.

Like this.
GIF 12-05-2022 11-40-56 PM

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I can see exactly how you are doing this now thank you. When I delete the extruded box I cannot select the all the intersected bricks like you are showing only bits of them.

Thank you for taking time to walk me through this.
I am a home hobbyist so time is not a factor but I am making railway related vids for newbies and putting paid addons will put a lot of people off.
That is why I am looking for workarounds.

I have tried to pass on the love of SketchUp on my channel by making some tutorials for newbies like myself.

Please make it very clear in any tutorials you post that you may be showing techniques that are not necessarily optimal. There are too many bad tutorials out there and people can learn bad practices.