Rock wall structure for sketchup model

Hello sketchup community! okay so I have a question concerning how I can build this on sketchup since it may be a little difficult in my opinion. I have two rock climbing walls and the glazing box will represent a restaurant lying on a mezzanine floor. I drew with a pencil an idea of where this rocky shape comes out of the top of this rock wall and comes into this restaurant facade through the ceiling. I would like them to both connect as I drew it there and then come straight down through the ceiling and onto the floor. It is completely a decorative element and I’m uncertain of how I can do such a structure. Would anyone be able to help or demonstrate a way I can build such a thing? Thanks! :slight_smile: All help or suggestions are appreciated :slight_smile:

You could use Sculptris and then import OBJ file into SketchUp

or use Blender instead.

If you want to use only SketchUp, then you could go from the three bases that can be some hexagons, and drawing some path, and use Curviloft plugin to create the general structure. Then use Scale and Eneroth Fractal Terrain Eroder to get that irregular shape.

would you be able to show an example of this because I’m not exactly sure how to use Sculptris… If I make a hexagon and then use the follow me tool can I somehow warp it? I also want them to connect at one point so I am not sure how I’d do this.

Artisan subdivide

Eneroth Erode & vertex move (part of artisan organic toolset)

Use Makefur (from SketchUcation) to randomly place climbing grips


okay so I did the subdivide but I’m not sure what the erode tool is i do not see that? and also how did u make all the lines dissappear to get that rocky shape? I see the vertex move but its similar to the move tool and I want the uneven surface on the structure. I drew a cube but i grouped it should I make them all one group so that when I am editing them it becomes all one surface. The example you showed is perfect I just never used this before so I’m not entirely an expert on it.

The object needs to be 1 combined mesh (not multiple groups) with no internal faces before you “subdivide & smooth” your mesh. “Subdivide selection” 23%20PM is a different type of subdivision that doesn’t smooth your geometry. “subdivide & smooth” 15%20PM is the tool I think you want to use. You can use the “crease tool” 19%20PM to flatten the bottom of your component.

To make the lines disappear I used soften/smooth edges from the right click menu.

To get the rocky shape I used eneroth erode. Here’ a link to Eneroth Erode:

Kinda like this…

vertex move:

Here’s a link to Artisan’s user guide. I recommend reading it entirely from start to finish if you want to learn all its tools and how they work. It’s a little confusing at first, but you’ll figure it out after some practice.

Feel free to let me know if you have any more questions.

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In SketchUp, starting from the hexagonal base and having the two paths for the shape, use the Curviloft plugin for the 3D mesh, and Eneroth Fractal Erodes for the irregular rock form.

In Sculptris, use Inflate tool for the shape, and then export as OBJ.

okay so here is where I’m at but where exactly did you right click to get to the erode menu? i dont see it? also to get that rocky form afterwards I would just play with the vertex move? I did cubes as Forestr explained and it was simple enough to get to this but I find its a bit tricky to get that form. In my pic its like the two connect in a straight path but I would like them to connect mid way or a little more forward. Would the vertex move be the best option for this? PS: thanks so much for all the pics and the help its really helpful! :slight_smile:

I also tried the sculptris its fairly easy but I have no idea of sizes on that software and in this case I need this element to be to precise points. I find sketchup does this much easier although on sculptris its not that difficult either! All the help is appreciated once again! thanks for taking the time to really explain this its really helpful and I really love playing with shapes and forms in my projects so if anyone ever asks me I can share my knowledge with others :slight_smile:

For Mac I found it in Extensions → Erode, so for Windows it’s probably in the top menus somewhere. Also, you need to download Eneroth Fractal Terrain Eroder for it to work.

To get the rocky form, adjusting the erode settings will help. Iterations controls the amount of polygons & pointyness controls the height of the rocky deformation. These are the settings I’d recommend. You can adjust the pointyness to your liking, but try to keep iterations as low as possible so you don’t get lag. Also, deselect the parts you don’t want to get deformed.

Vertex move helps make the rock form less circular. A circular or boxy rock wall is cool, but vertex move can help you make all kinds of fun organic shapes. After clicking, you can hold an arrow key to move along the axis. To adjust the radius of vertex move, use the arrow keys or type in a value.

So I ended up with something like this and I tried all the extensions above and they all work well! the only thing that I’m having trouble with is the vertex move. I like the shape I have now but I would like to inflate the rock a bit more since it looks fairly thin at some point haha. Perhaps the sculpt brush will do the trick? P.S thanks so much for all the help it is very appreciated :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! I’m glad everything’s working well! The sculpt brush would work. Use tab to cycle between modes until it says inflate brush in the lower left screen. To change the strength of the brush, type “(insert distance) s”. For example, 3’s means an inflate strength of 3’. Change the radius by typing in, for example 3’. Click-drag on the mesh to inflate it. Good job! The model is really coming along great!

P.S. You might want to make a backup copy of the arches before you start sculpting it in case you want to undo.

hey guys so I’m trying to curviloft a shape like this but it doesnt seem to work according to plan. Like i’d like this specific shape to arc into the other shape which is at a lower level. any way of being able to do this? i wanted to keep the same size and then with the sculpting brush I’d make it smaller.

Loft isn’t like follow me along a path. Loft creates a surface between edges. You’ll want to make a radial array of profiles, then loft will create the surface between the edges.

okay so basically I cant get this shape to arc onto the other face? what exactly do you mean by radial array? would you be able to show me an example of this? if not then my only choice would be to do the above as a hexagon and then do curviloft.

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Use the middle button, Loft along path.


awesome it finally worked but now is a tricky part where I haven’t figured out yet so I’m trying to make it arc inside this kind of restaurant but i want it to run onto the walls so I would like it to gradually become thinner as it comes into the restaurant wall. What would be the best way to tackle this? P.S thanks for taking time to help out! :slight_smile:

Redo the curviloft, but make the 2nd profile thinner.

okay so Im still trying to make this rock structure and my difficulty is connecting them in the middle rather than having 2 separate arcs. I want it to look organice but somewhat similar on both sides but the thing I must respect are the steel joists and the Hexagon shape which will be above a bar area… How can I do this I’ve been trying with curviloft but you cannot select a same face twice so that it connects together and branches out like I’m showing in the pic. I tried with arc as well and the arc doesn’t switch the thickness of the rock until the last one is connected so I’m not entirely sure what would be the best solution? Any advice to making this look realistic? Also should I subdivide smooth after doing the arcs and then erode or vice versa?