Turn off new toggles

Well put filostine. Think that’s exactly what it is.


I’ve tried giving the sticky toggles the benefit of the doubt, but they are proving to make the working experience frustrating for beginner through advanced users. My students have all commented on the hastle this is causing. I’ll add in my vote to have a way to remove/turn off sticky toggles in case SketchUp uses analytics to see how many people are requesting it.


I tried to give it a chance, but 15 years of muscle memory is not in my favor.


Same problem here! So annoying!


Hahaha! Exactly!

Longtime SU user, been using SU since version 1. This toggle feature has to be one of the most ill conceived features ever added. Soooo annoying!!! Spend more time deleting extra copies of items than it takes to move copy with the alt button held down.

Please provide an option to turn off this annoying new feature ASAP!!! This is right up there with the annoying/poxy changes to the snapping that were made some years ago.
Snap to mid and end points as the priority not some oblique plane or intersection that’s nowhere near the geometry you’re trying to infer to.

Talk about change for changes sake. AGHHHHHH!



I’ll add my voice to the many complaints here for the new toggle feature. I can’t understand the logic of this change or the inability to opt out if you prefer. I now have to hit ADDITIONAL keys in order NOT to make multiple copies of things I’m copy/moving, so where’s the time savings? It might help in a small percentage of situations, but overall it makes my workflow less reliable and more time-consuming. I now have to go back and make sure the original item I copied is still there. Or I have to now make sure I don’t have additional copies littering my model that I didn’t intend. Please allow users to turn off/on this “feature”!


My question is how long do we have to live with this?


@KeeneArchitecture Not very much longer, but a little bit longer. We are entering into a final testing phase to clean up the behavior of the Move tool, so help is indeed on the way. In the meantime, if you prefer to revert to either the Windows or Mac versions of SketchUp 2021.0, I’ve included links to those installers.


No mention of the ability to turn off the toggle “feature” entirely, only ‘clean up’ ……
I hope this is just me reading too much into your reply @Mark


It looks like the stupid copy-move ‘feature’ is being fixed already, just wanted to add my voice of annoyance, it entirely breaks the workflow, like others have mentioned. This totally should be a Preference setting, please and thanks =)


I’m so happy to find this post ! Working with Sketchup everyday since almost 20 yers, I was struggling like a beginner since a few day, just after the update, without understanding why… And now I know ! I tried to get use to it, but, it’s not as efficient as the previous way of doing things, especially the material picker, terrible.

When you do such important changes on a software workflow, you must put somewhere a small option to disable it. It’s such a small and easy thing to do, just a tick box in parameters "use SU classic tools or “new ones” ".

I hope it will be done…


Just making sure this thread doesn’t disappear in to the void.
I’m still finding them fantastically annoying and a hindrance to my workflow.


Just assuring this is not lost in the void :+1:


Same here. the sticky toggles are messing me up.

I tried to get used to it, but it’s way too easy to make copies on accident.

Looks like a fix is on it’s way… hopefully soon!

Also agree that these types of ‘feature’ changes must always have a way to turn them off or revert to the original. You could add a new tab in preferences called “Annoyances”



This should (at least in theory) allow people to use both the old hold pattern that some have used for 20 years and the new toggle pattern.

If you still (we hope not) experience issues with the modifier keys, feel free to inform us so we can do our best to make it better.


I’ve had a quick play this morning and so far so good, the move tool is vastly better.
There’s still a bit of strangeness to the paint bucket/material sampler but I think this might be just me ‘trying’ to find a difference rather than it actually being different to pre 2021.

Thanks to all that chimed in on this.

Much better here thanks. The paint bucket sampler still seems to be sticking on intermittently when I hold Alt down when sampling though.

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