Another SketchUp 2021 update is available today

Hi everybody,

Today, we are releasing another update to SketchUp Pro 2021 to address some of the feedback from our last update, and also to fix bugs that we felt were critical to your experience. You can read more about this update in our 2021.1.2 release notes, but here some highlights in brief:

We’ve fixed a bug causing the context menu commands to gray out and become unavailable until a restart.

For Windows users working in LayOut, there are fixes for several issues causing text to render incorrectly in PDF exports.

In SketchUp on Mac, we’ve made changes to ensure keyboard shortcuts will not change the current tool mode in a majority of scenarios.

We’ve adjusted SketchUp’s Move tool copy modifier to be single-use. Your feedback was consistent on this point: making a single copy and adjusting its position is more important than making multiple copies. Still, we want to support persistent copying workflows, so we are introducing a new Move tool modifier called Stamp Copy. This modifier is available before the first click of a Move operation – to not interfere with Move Copy – and allows you to make multiple copies much faster than in our previous update.

Finally, the Scale tool will now work with both persistent toggles and also single-use, press-and-hold behavior.

We’re still examining feedback from our last update and looking for opportunities to improve. Thanks for your feedback, and in this case, your patience too.

For now, you can update to this version using the ‘Check for updates’ service in SketchUp Pro, or by downloading the update directly. Similar changes (for modeling tool behavior) will be available in SketchUp for Web later this week.


Thanks to the development team for this update! I’m surprised there have been no replies to this. It is a very useful update e.g. fixing the annoying greyed out menu bug, as well as reverting to previous copy behaviour which many people were used to and didn’t want changed. There is also the added bonus of a new stamp copy feature which is great for fast multiple copies.


It’s easier to nag then to compliment, I guess…


I’d replied to the original move/copy bug thread but yea, your right I/we should complement them for getting it fixed along with the other bugs.

Well done all, and thanks.


Awesome and the Stamp Copy modifier is way cool too! Thanks for listening!!!


After some adjusting I quite liked the unpopular copy/move change. I do lots of manual copying of the same object. The stamp tool is perfect and saves time and brain space for the important stuff.

Thanks so much for 1. trying to improve functionality & 2. responding to feedback without losing the the original purpose of the change.

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