Turn off new toggles

I can appreciate that for trackpad users these toggles could be useful but as a desktop user I ALWAYS knew what mode I was in as I was physically holding down a key to enable it. Now I have to stop/look at the screen/check the cursor for a ‘+’/toggle it/execute my action. …… repeat x1000 …. Aghhh.

As I’ve said (as have others) a setting/preference to turn this ‘feature’ off is needed, personally it’s almost essential to my mental health at the moment :wink:


After playing with this more and “lifting off” the two modifier keys to get the trackpad orbit going that seems to work just fine. I’ll have to retrain myself a bit but it shouldn’t be a big deal.

I exclusively use sketchup with the trackpad on my Mac . Haven’t used the mouse thing last 10 years. it works fine, and means I can work anywhere, on a cafe table, or sitting in my car. So there’s two of us :slight_smile:

Getting rid of the mouse was the best tech choice I ever did.

Does this hint that the person/s responsible for the new tuggle workflow is/are a MAC user/s ?

Just asking for a friend :slight_smile:

Is the new tuggle problematic for both Windows and MAC users?

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If you read the posts and look at the profiles, it immediately turns out that: Yes. :wink:

Please allow a preference to turn this feature on or off as it’s driving me mad.

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”


I second this! My workflow is so sloppy at the moment.


Please give us a chance to turn it off !!!