Move/Copy mode creating two copies

I’ve just noticed lately that when I move/copy a component, it makes two copies; one on top of the other. I thought pressing the Ctrl (Windows) key while moving made only one copy. It’s not a big issue since I just delete the extra copy but it’s strange that it’s doing that. Anyone else ever notice this?

This sounds vaguely familiar. I haven’t heard any recent reports of this but it seems to me there was some extension that was the culprit in the past.

Hmmm, interesting. I’ll try disabling extensions one at a time to see if that eliminates the problem.

Make sure you aren’t just falling foul of the changes to the copy function, ctrl is now a toggle, so you need to turn it on and off.

Possibly the new sticky keys from the 2021 upgrade - What's New in 2021.1 - Skill Builder - YouTube

That wouldn’t make a copy exactly on top of another one, though.

It can look like it though if you aren’t aware of the toggle, it can look like you keep pulling off the stack.

Good point. I remember reading about that but forgot about it apparently. That’s what’s doing it. Although I’m not sure if I like that “feature” seeing how easy it is to forget to toggle it off. If you want to make multiple copies consecutively, just use the array feature. Wouldn’t that be faster?