Issue with ctrl toggle between Move/copy mode after the latest update

Before the update when I wanted to copy a line, I clicked ctrl once and then I stayed in copy mode to continue copying the line to different distances (sort of manual offset)
After the update when I try to do the same, the mode automatically jumps back to the move mode, so if I want to copy my line multiple times to different distances I have to click ctrl every single time now because it doesn’t stay in copy mode.
Anyone knows how to avoid that?

Double tap ctrl before you move to turn on the ‘stamp’ mode.

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Many users complained about that behavior so it was changed with the last release.

Read the release notes to see what else has changed.

I know it says ctrl = cycle between move/stamp/copy at start, but when I click ctrl it only jumps between copy and move mode, I can’t seem to get in that stamp mode

To activate Stamp, press the Copy modifier key twice before the first click of a Move operation. Once you start moving an object, Stamp is not available.

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Ok Thanks I managed to get stamp mode working now.
However it doesnt solve my problem as in stamp mode you can’t give a distance to copy it to.
I can only mouseclick to create different copies of that original line.

Is there another way to create a manual offset of a line to different distances without having to click ctrl between every copy?

You can only create array’s with equal distances and you would be using the old copy modifier (click once on Ctrl or Option).
Stamp leave us no room for it!