Copy / Stamp with the Rotate tool

When I go to rotate something, I can hit “ctrl” to make a copy, but I cannot hit it again to make a stamp.

I want to make a radial array but I need to click on specific points, I don’t have a certain value I want to array with.

It seems super easy to add this feature. Is it possible to add it?


This should work. Select geometry or object, use Move with copy modifier toggled, click the “from” point, then the “to” point, then type “5x” to make 5 copies rather than 1.

hit ctrl before you start your movement. if you hit it before, you can choose between copy (one hit) or stamp (two hits)

if you hit ctrl while you’re making the movement, then it’s only copy on/off

edit : gotcha, somehow I expected it to work like the stamp, almost never stamp while moving, nor while rotating. :confused:

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@TheOnlyAaron Thank you for your suggestion. I am trying to use the Rotate tool, not the Move tool. I can successfully use the stamp tool and the array tool with move. I’m just trying to get Stamp with Rotate.

@ateliernab Thank you for your suggestion. I am hitting ctrl before I start the movement, but it is behaving as if it’s only copy on/off.

You can array with rotate with the same steps as Move, but there is not a stamp modifier.

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I’m looking for the stamp modifier. Is it possible to add this feature?

Uuummm… not by me!

Just curious, what does your workflow look like? I am trying to figure out a reason I would want to use stamp with rotate, but I am coming up empty.

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Irregularly placed items on the same arc.

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@TheOnlyAaron Yes, @Box has explained it more concisely than I tried to in my original post. I am in an uncommon modeling situation, and now that I’m in it I realize this feature would be handy.

@TheOnlyAaron oh, wait, I would much rather use my one wish on literally any improvement to Layout!
:wink: :sweat_smile:

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We have meetings to talk about what features we’re working on. I add your stamp mode request to the agenda for the next meeting.


Thank you @colin