The problem with (display) windows in the new version 2024

I was helping a customer who was having issues with a similar version of this graphics card - Their HP machine was stuck using 6 year old drivers because they were locked into using the ones provided by HP - who stopped supporting their old machine many years ago.
Windows Update showed them as being upto date, but they were not.

The drivers had to be manually removed and then replaced with non HP sactioned Intel Drivers.

You might want to check you have 2024 drivers installed



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Okay it looks like there are 2 possibilities for your fix:

  1. The Intel Software Component 2408.5.4.0 for the Intel Management Engine (ME) software suite.

  2. (KB5037853) May 2024 non-security preview update for Windows 11 versions 22H2 and 23H2, which includes 32 fixes and changes.

I would guess it is #2 that may have fixed things for you. These preview changes will not be rolled into normal updates until later this summer, I think.

Why does you look for the OS or driver?

SketchUp 2023 works good with my two monitors and SketchUp 2024 not. All windows are open on the second monitor. And move I the main window to the first window, so all pup open still on the second window. This is a SketchUp 2024 problem.

There are some bugs in the windows handle with Qt:


Normally all widows are under the window 00120EE0 but the windows above are outside. (Microsoft Spy++)


Hei everyone,

I’ve met the same problem recently. Just upgraded to Sketchup 2024, and I use multiple monitors to work.
I use a G5 15 5587 laptop connected to two Dell Monitors of 23.8", Wide, Full HD, 1.920 x 1.080, SE2416H.

When I work with the laptop connected to the monitors I have Sketchup opened on one of them and the laptops display is the main one. If I open a new toolbar it always opens to the main display not where Sketchup window is.

But today the strangest thing happened. I had to work with the laptop withouth the other monitors connected, and everytime I was trying to open a window (Location, 3D Warehouse, Extension Warehouse) or toolbar, Sketchup was opening it on a “ghost” diaplay and I didn’t have access or any possibility to drag that window from anywhere. I had to keep resetting the screen with Win tab + P keyboard for every toolbar or window. And for some of them didn’t work.

Can you please give a little more information about your configuration? What Windows Version and build number? iGPU or which dedicated GPU? HDMI or DisplayPort?

Ugh! I just updated to 2024 hoping that most of the glitches would be worked out. I am having the exact same issue. All of the dropdown and contextual menus appear on the other screen. Doesn’t matter if the application is maximized or in windowed mode.


I have Windows 11 Home with OS Build 10.0.22631.3737. Both of my monitors are connected using HDMI. But this “missing” toolbars and windows happened while I was working with my laptop somewhere else without access to the other screens.
I tried to troubleshoot the problem by erasing/ resetting my laptop in order to forget any external display and still didn’t work.

I attempted something that is working for me temporarily. I have worked with support. They claimed this would be fixed with 553. It obviously was not. They then had me do a clean uninstall and remove all traces of sketchup and use the offline installer with no extensions. Waste of time, I still have the menu items opening on monitor 2. For the last few weeks i had been disconnecting my 2nd monitor when i need to do a deep dive into sketchup.

This morning, i continue to face the frustration but i came up with a workaround that works for me. My setup is simple, laptop with a usb-c 2nd monitor. This morning, i changed the display settings to make my 2nd monitor my main display. I can now use sketchup on my laptop screen as well as the menu items opening correctly on my laptop screen. Best of all i can keep my 2nd monitor connected. I already had my windows configured to display taskbar and start on both displays.

I have not played around with this on my desktop pc with 5 monitors. No need to as of yet. Hopefully there will be a release to address the issue in the near future. Regardless of its cause, we are paying for a software program that has an issue as programs do. I do believe in them to resolve this soon

Very Unfortunate and a tad pathetic to have UI issues, as menus and startup of app are defaulted to a certain monitor. As it happens, it’s always the wrong screen!

I struggle to see how this passed testing phase with a complete lack of multi monitor test. Yet also release updates that do not fix the most important underlying issue. Many people such as myself use multi monitor setups as it’s more efficient, and usually we’re all in some sort of time crunch.

Being forced to use the older version isn’t so much of a bad thing, but the new Graphics engine would be of benefit with very detailed models/ multiple detailed models in one scene.

The latest update does not fix any multiscreen issues, they still persist. Hoping they get their priorities straight and a fix will be incoming soon ???

Windows 10
Ryzen 5950X
RTX 4090
Dual LG G3 OLED 4k displays (1x HDMI) (1x DP) <-------- Tried Multiple configs without luck too.

Your assumption that v24 was not tested on multiple display systems is incorrect.

Many users and testers (including myself) have multiple displays and do not have the issues that you have. (As I said above, I found most of my scaling issues went away when I switched my main display to the external UHD display that I run SketchUp on.)

However, other bugs and features that also needed fixing were fixed. Should the Trimble SketchUp team have held back and not released those fixes that benefit everyone ?

They are not ignoring these display issues. They have priority. However, the bugs are in the 3rd party Qt GUI libraries and are outside of Trimble’s control.

One of the SketchUp Dev Team members has said (somewhere here in the forum) recently that the Qt project is aware of these problems and are working on them. This means a cycle of testing in the external library project.

Then afterward a cycle of testing by SketchUp because updating dependent libraries must be fully tested so that they don’t cause other unforeseen major issues when deployed.

It is the nature of software engineering that fixes just do not come as fast as the end users would like them to.

Ranting, making incorrect assumptions and throwing blame is the wrong directions does not help the fixes come any faster. But it might (subjectively) make y’all feel better.


This is the sad nature of software these days, It seems everything released is never quite polished enough for a real release! I remember how software in the 90s and 00s was released, people made sure it was functioning without major issues. The speed of the internet has made developers not care so much, as they will just roll out a patch as soon as they can, this and of course the corporate world always crunching schedules to bare minimums.

As for the monitor thing, doesn’t work for me and as it seems, when reading the rest of the replies and comments, it doesn’t work for 90% of the users too. So if it were tested like mentioned, they knew of the issue kept it quiet until someone posted the issue, or they didn’t do the testing and someone here pointed it out!

As for moving to QT, they should have these issues fixed way before launch if they knew they existed, where is the logic in releasing a product with such an annoying, and what seems to be a simple issue in such a state? Even when I just run a single display by unplugging my secondary one, the context menus still pop up on the non-existing display! Why are the QT devs so disjoint from the Sketchup team with such a venture?

Assumptions are just that, they’re not always correct as they’re an assumption, as for the blame, it’s squarely lying on the Sketchup Team and the QT Team, there’s no assumption there!

And I remember AutoCad 13. And some other releases from other vendors.

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