SU 20024 Keeps Crashing 2023 MBP Max

Since upgrading every time I open SU 2024 it crashes at least twice. Opening a model or not opening a model it just crashes every time on start up. Then when viewing an open model full screen it forces my computer into a reboot. When that happens the screen blacks out when I enlarge the project window and then after a few flickers reboots (only on external monitor usage). Now I get a message on start up that it’s defaulted to the classic graphics engine (see picture). I am at a loss and completely frustrated at this point. This is after I wiped everything from my drive and did a clean install of SU 2024 and still the same problem.

Could this be related to Panic and crash in SketchUp 2024 for M3 16" MacBook Pro ? That is an M3 max, this an M2 Max.

btw I am running on M3 vanilla (macbook air) and have seen no stability issues at all. I know a bunch of SketchUp developers have M1 Pro and M2 Pro and I’ve not heard of issues with those. So I suspect a Max issue, I’ll ask around to see if we have any Max in house.

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…except that this is on an M2 Max.

What is the minimum MacOS for SU 2024? Is it Sonoma, or will Monterey or Ventura do? What’s the minimum OS for the M2 and M3 Max machines?

should be monterrey. osx 12 Huh, turns out on the requirement page they added Sonoma but didn’t remove Big Sur. so 11+
However, for the new engine, it’s Monterrey but Ventura is recommended.
(it’s Metal 2 and 3, not the original Metal 1)

depend on the machines, Monterrey was compatible with the early M2 but the M3 were Ventura and newer.
And off course, any machine sold since last autumn is just on Sonoma.

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So after hours of trial and error Ive found that I can work with SU and not have it force restart my computer if I keep my external monitor at certain resolutions (direct connection or thru a hub). SU is the only program that does this. I have tried many apps that are GPU intensive and nothing else dit it. Maybe its a SU bug or my laptop but I wanted to put it out there to see if anyone can help or if they are having the same issue. I wiped my laptop (do it annually) and did a clean install of Sonoma and SU and it crashed the computer. I found the way to make it work for now. Other than SU crashing 2-3 times every time I open it all is somewhat stable.
Thank you everyone for your responses.

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and uh, what are the stable resolution ? (or the unstable, depend on what you identified)
is it an usbc / lightning monitor, or hdmi ? what size / ratio? (basically, what brand and all :slight_smile: )

I’m asking because on one hand, if the devs don’t know what to look for, they can’t fix it, and your bug could help them pinpoint the trouble ; and on the other hand, if / when someone else comes around here with a similar issue, we can use your experience to try making their SU more stable.

SU isn’t GPU intensive.

what it suffers from is old age.
The mac interface was built using cocoa, the framework macosX came with, early 2000. and since then, it’s been maintained and updated, but still, it’s still the same old chassis.
And despite putting a new motor in this year, it’s still the old cocoa base from 200x when a 1024x768 screen was a big screen.
Now we kinda know (rumours and hints) that the mac interface will me moved to the QT framework, like the PC one did last year, pretty soon. I thought it was gonna be this year, who knows, maybe 24.1 ?
That might solve some interface issues and make it more compatible with modern machines.

My Equipment:
MBP M2 Max (See Above) - Each testing scenario - connected via HDMI directly, thru a Caldigit Thunderbolt 3 hub and a Thunderbolt to HDMI cable.
Monitor - BenQ 3200U 4K 16:9

Runs fine at 4K, 3200x1800, 2560x1440, etc.
In my display settings I have about 13 resolutions to choose, 3360x1890 was the one that caused the issue. It’s the first lower resolution down from 3840x2160 and Ive used that mostly because 4k text scaling is too small for these tired eyes.

I hope this helps. Again it may be me or my machine, just letting you know what Ive found. The crashing every time on startup, no extensions installed, is still there.


In your video you are resizing a SketchUp window of what looks like a complex model, and when you make it more than half the height of the screen, the lower half goes blank (even the Finder desktop), then it crashes the whole system I guess. If that is what you are showing, does it happen even with a new document, or only complex models?

I am able to work ok on my M3 Max at 3360x1890.

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It happens with a simple or complex model of any kind at that one soecific resolution. It works fine in 4k which is about 13% higher resolution than the one you see in the video. It never happened before on SU 2023. Again when I work on the laptop screen everything is ok, just with the external monitor connected is when it happens. And the laptop is also closed.

I had tried direct USB-C, and now have tried via a USB-C to hub, to HDMI. First I tried mirrored, now I tried with my MacBook Pro lid closed. Still the 4k monitor is working ok at 3360x1890.

Colleagues have looked at crash reports from people seeing such crashes, and so far the crashes look like macOS issues. That doesn’t mean SketchUp isn’t the app that triggers the problem.

I’m trying to get a combination where I can see the crashing too.

@colin I can duplicate this issue.
MacOS 14.4.1
13 MBP running M2
External 4k monitor set at 3008x1692 @ 60Hz

Sketchup launched and logged in.
Open a new template.
Selected woodworking inches.

When running version 24.0.483, I lose normal display on my external monitor while Sketchup is running. Sketchup displays normally on the primary laptop monitor.

If I attempt to snap a screen capture while the screen flickering is happening, the screen renders normally as if there is no bug and the screen captures are clear. If I attempt to screen record using built-in quicktime, Sketchup appears bug free. The moment I quit screen record and point the window manager to focus on Sketchup, video breaks. If I toggle the focus to system profiler or another app, the external display with sketch up renders normally. So the problem only happens when the window manager is focused on Sketchup. I can duplicate 100%

When opening Sketchup 23.1.341, I do not have this issue at all. Incidentally, I tried to open v24 after reading this thread and sketchup launched without trouble; however, when I attempted to open a new file from a template (to get back to the woodworking by inch models), sketch up told me I wasn’t logged in. So I logged in, then opened a new file from a template and the bug returned.

I’m fairly skilled in the cli and around the system. How can I help you reproduce?

Thanks, I will try to duplicate your setup.

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The Mac is reporting 6016*3384 as the resoltion, but that’s the resolution fo the Apple Pro XDR isn’t it?

The model code is showing a Samsung UE510 which is 3840*2160

That’s a fair comment. Apple has a funny way to report display settings ever since they introduced the retina display back in 2012 (2012-2013). I’m not sure what MacOS thinks it’s doing, but from a display perspective, it should be 3008x1692. The max I could set the display to should only be as large as 3840 x 2160.

I’m not sure this helps but here’s a screenshot.

How is the monitor connected to your Mac? Which screen is set to be the primary one, and what direction from each other are they arranged?

If I connect to the external Samsung monitor via a hub, I get lots of flickering, even with SketchUp closed. Connecting from my MacBook Pro’s HDMI port gives me a steady picture, for any arrangement or resolutions that I’ve tried.

I read about that for LG screens as well. 3008x1692 is apparently a 3k resolution, and macOS seems to like to talk to all displays as Retina, and so does claim it to be a 6016x3384 screen. I see the same with my setup.

Displayport on the monitor to USB-C on the Mac. Nice and reliable for everything, except when the window manager is focused on Sketchup.

I executed mdfind sketchup | grep "2024.*log\|2024.*LOG" and found some logs but nothing that appeared useful. Is there any logging that I can enable or are you aware of any system logging off of the cuff that captures display related entries? I wish it would just crash MacOS because I’d have a dump to look at.

Err… Edit, Sorry Colin.

Laptop is primary. Samsung is to the right.

I realized later that I could tell which was primary. I’m not sure if I have a USB-C to DisplayPort, and my monitor only has HDMI. At work I have DisplayPort, and can check if IT have a USB-C cable I can borrow. I’ll be at the office tomorrow.

Which model of adapter are you using?