Panic and crash in SketchUp 2024 for M3 16" MacBook Pro

I was really excited to find out that 2024 was released since I have been having some crash issues with 2023 on my new 16 MacBook pro with M3 Max chip. Unfortunately I am experiencing some pretty regular crashes on 2024. Booo!!! Makes my machine restart. Anyone else with similar M3 MBPs having problems?

Thank you.

Mark W.

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Your title suggests a macOS system crash (commonly called a kernel panic on UNIX derivatives). If so, that indicates a really serious hardware or system issue! Is that what you are getting, or is it a SketchUp crash?

Hi…I think it is a MacOS system crash as you mention but it has only happened when using SketchUp. Perhaps I need to follow up with Apple to see if it’s a problem with my machine.



Hi!, MacBook pro user here mine’s a 14’ M3 Pro chip.
Back when using the 2023 version I only had 1-2 crashes. Now that I’ve updated to 2024 it has become pretty bad to say the least. My screen freezes and i gotta close and open the file very frecuently, the laptop has also restarted by itself :confused:

Maybe theres some unresolved issues with compability left, im not sure.

Hope it gets fixed soon!


Ugh, that’s what I’m on the verge of buying. Guess I’ll drag my feet a little longer.

If people getting this crash can share the crash report (different from bug splat), it will help the devs figure out what’s going on.


I am planning to take my 16" MBP M3 Max into the Apple store on Friday to make sure it’s not a hardware issue with my Mac.

Could you please let us know what you are doing when the crash happens?

In particular, are you running and Ruby extensions when the crash occurs?

Thanks, Kath

See the same problems with 2024 on my 14" MacBook Pro - M3 Pro chip.

Tried toggling new vs. old graphics engine in SU between app restarts. No go. File drop down menus work while, simultaneously, the SU drawing window is completely frozen within moments of orbiting around the first time.

Will upload bug splat ASAP.


Typically I run Enscape with it. but it has also crashed when just running SketchUp. I have the newest version of SU & Enscape for Mac chips. Typically Im just navigating and moving things around or rotating when it crashes. It just freezes up…sometimes spinning beach balls (sometimes not) and the screen goes blank and a restart happens.


I have also experienced this model freeze up yesterday in 24 on my M1max. I don’t call it a crash as the program keep functioning, just the current model rendering freezes, no orbit or pan and no changes recognized. I was able open File>New while the frozen one was still open and the new window works just fine. On the frozen window I could still save the file and loose nothing. I could even change the style and resave and although the style change would not be reflected in the window, it would be present in the saved file when I re-openend. This feels like a locking up of the rendering graphics engine that the SketchUp UI is “unaware of”. Next time anyone gets a locked up window like this, try opening a new sketchup file and see if it works.


can you guys try lowering / changing your screen resolution ?

Here it might have worked,

it could be an issue at specific resolutions or screen ratio

I can also confirm this behaviour. I’ve been using an M3 Max for a week now and occasionally the viewport freezes on the 2024 version. Sometimes it goes completely black. If you click with the cursor, however, the element info and the like still reacts, which suggests that it is purely a graphics problem. But I have also had the complete programme stop responding.

I work on 3-5 models per day and am still trying to find out whether there is a regularity or the error can be reproduced.

Nevertheless, I can live with it for now. The new engine is faster than anything before. I’m happy to wait for another update and accept these errors in the early stages.

I have the crash report generated by Apple after a force restarted. Would that help? If so who or where should I send it. I apologize I am fairly new to this community.

Yes, please. PM or post it here. And if folks have a Bugsplat submitted, you can PM me your crash # or email on your account (if you submitted it).


Any fixes for this yet? I have M3 pro. It freezes constantly. no crash reports.

As I understand the failure there is no crash, the open model just locks but the program continues working and opening a new file will behave normally. I could even save the locked up window file. The only way to recover was to close SketchUp normally and reopen. So no bug splat. I’ll screen record next time, it has been rare for me though, only happened twice since 24


I took my M3 Max MacBook Pro to Apple yesterday and did a hardware check and also did a restore and reinstall of the latest version of Sonoma and I’m still having random SketchUp system crashes/restarts several a day! I am planning to take it back in for further study. All hardware tests at Apple Store checked out fine. Definitely Panic crashes.

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I have a mbp 16" m3 max and my computer freezes and reboots very often using SketchUp 2024

I mentioned in another post that there is an M3 specific issue that can lead to the model window not updating, giving the impression that SketchUp is locked up. A work around for now is to go into the graphics settings, and change antialiasing to 0x.