Kept crashing down every time I hit save

Today is the first time I’ve ever experienced multiple crashes while using SUpro. I noticed it’s every time i hit command+save
I use macbook Pro
Mac OS Sonoma version 14.2.1

AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 4 GB
Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB

SketchUp 2022 is not officially supported on macOS Sonoma. Some people have found that it works and others have encountered crashes. I think @colin may have posted a workaround though I’m not sure whether it was for 2022 or 2023. Search the forum for other posts about crashes on Sonoma and see if any of them help.

I have posted about that issue. The crash will happen soon after every time you do a save in SketchUp 2022. It will also crash after the first time you save in SketchUp 2023, and then not crash after that.

Is there a reason you need to use 2022 and not 2023?

For the crashing itself, it’s something that Apple could fix in macOS, but we are also looking into what we can do to avoid provoking the issue.

I see. :disappointed: I saw someone suggested to downgrade OS to Ventura. IS that easier?

If i upgrade to SU 2023 will it only crash once then work normally afterwards? My only apprehension about upgrading to every new SU version is I always have to redo/ reupload all my ‘textures’ which is sooo time-consuming! Has SU not found a way to import all previous setups automatically?

Not really, no.

You have a strange choice where you could stay in 2022: don’t save very often, and when you do, close and reopen SketchUp so that the upcoming crash doesn’t catch you out.

The crash doesn’t happen when auto save is done, which means if a crash does catch you out, and the welcome screen shows there is a recovered version of your file, it will have your most recent changes in it.

I took the leap of faith and upgraded to SU 2023. So far it only crashed the first time I saved…I manually save every few minutes or so (it’s just a habit for me) and it hasn’t crashed again yet. Fingers crossed!!

Only downside is I have to create templates again and upload textures again. Wish Trimble finds a way to seamlessly integrate all prior setups whenever we choose to upgrade. Like a normal app…you shouldn’t have to lose all that is already there. :roll_eyes: