The program SPLATS and closes about every 5-15 minutes

The program is nice and I’m stumbling through learning it. But it stops, crashes, splats every couple minutes. And as I am learning SketchUphas NO CUSTOMER SERVICE or Technical help! Frustrating as heck.

A more specific description of what you’re doing when SU crashes will make it easier for people to help you. Are you filling out the bugsplat reports including your email info and sending them in ?
Filling out your profile info correctly also helps people give assistance. Are you running Windows or Mac and what version ?
As for training help there is plenty available. Follow the link.

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… what’s your os ? you’re written osi and it makes no sense.

you wouldn’t be running mac os sonoma 14.3 by any chance ?

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I followed the link and didn’t find any useful info. It crashes when I’m using sketch Up, any tool, after saving, even when it just sits there I’m using macOS 14.2.1. I have filled out over twenty of the reports with info asked for. I am now taking photos of the Details. It just crashed while I’m typing this to you.

And SketchUp 2022 as your profile shows?

That is correct. They said I could update to the new version. I downloaded it but couldn’t figure out how to install it. so it is just in downloads.

I have written about this somewhere else in the forum. There is a Sonoma problem where SketchUp will crash within a few minutes after the first save you do, in SketchUp 2023. After that it should not crash, because there is something built into SketchUp 2023 to try and cope with that issue.

SketchUp 2022 doesn’t have that code in it, and so will crash within a few minutes after every save you do. Either be prepared to close and reopen SketchUp after each save, or start using SketchUp 2023.

To do that you would open the file in downloads that is named SketchUpPro-2023-1-341-117.dmg. That will open a window in Finder that looks like this:

Drag the SketchUp 2023 folder onto the Applications alias, and that will copy the folder to the real Applications folder. After it is copied, right-click in that window and choose Eject “SketchUp 2023”, to make sure the disk image is ejected.

Then, go into Applications, SketchUp 2023, and open SketchUp from in there.

As I mentioned, you will still get a crash after the first time you do a save, but then you shouldn’t see the same crash next time you save.

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That was very well explained. Thank you very much. So now in finder there are two of ketchup, layout and site builder. can I get rid of the 2022? and I had a cut list add-on and now is not there. How would I find that?

If you got the cultist extension from Extension Warehouse you can open that in SketchUp 2023, and install it again. Once you’re sure that 2023 is doing everything you could do in 2022, then deleting 2022 should be safe.