Help! Sketchup crashing every 20-30 minutes

I have been building dynamic components for the last 2 weeks and have been having problems with Sketchup constantly crashing (bug splat) every 20-30 minutes. I am on Sketchup Version 22.0.353 running on macOS Monterey Version 12.6 on both an iMac Pro (2017) and a MacBook Pro (2018), both with the same crashing issues. It doesn’t matter if I am working in a brand new file or an existing file. It seems be triggered when interacting with the components window, the outliner, entity info, or doing a “purge unused”. I am not sure how to troubleshoot this so I am able to work effectively in Sketchup. I would appreciate some advice on the best strategy/process to track down the problem. I don’t know how to determine if this is being caused by Sketchup, macOS, installed plugins, Dropbox (where my files and SU assets are stored), a driver or other hardware issue or something else. Thanks in advance for any troubleshooting advice! Here’s some screenshots of the SU Application Support folder and my Plugins folder:

Have you sent in the bugsplats with your e-mail?

I don’t speak the Mac language, but I would start by storing my files etc on the local drive away from Dropbox.

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I don’t see anything unusual in the stuff you screenshotted. You have a lot of extensions installed. Could be a conflict with one or more of them. What auto save interval do you have set? Might also be a problem with that, especially if it is trying to save to Dropbox.

Yes, I just started doing that today

So how would you recommend syncing files then? Sometimes I work on my computer in the office and then other times I use my laptop to open those files in the field or for client presentations. Seems like a lot of manual file management to keep those files current and accessible on both devices.

5 minutes, but I tried switching it to 10 minutes today with no improvement in the crashes

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure Dropbox files are stored locally on the hard drive first and then synced to the cloud?

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You generally have the option to save directly or have Dropbox backup folders. Saving directly would be considered saving from SketchUp to a remote drive and is not a good idea. This can lose your work or, in some cases, lock up or shut down SketchUp.

I would recommend saving to a local folder for a day or two just to see if that helps. You can always manually send files to Dropbox while you test.

If that is the issue then start saving to a local folder that Dropbox copies at the end of every day.

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