SU Pro 2017 crashes frequently . .

My SU Pro 2017 application crashes regularly, yielding the ‘bug splat’ message. It’s running on a six-month old iMac 27" with OS Sierra and 24 GB of RAM.

Looking through comments on similar issues, one respondent said (via my poor French) that the conflict came with the application’s Autosave function. Despite being checked in Preferences my Autosave doesn’t work either, recovery from too frequent crashes yielding the last manually saved version of the file. The respondent’s advice was to turn off Autosave.

Does anyone else have experience or knowledge of this condition?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve come across some heavy-processing operations (like editing a component with many instances at different scales or editing surfaces with many coplanar soft edges and openings) that might result in a bug splat when working with large files. My suggestion would be to try to keep your model “clean and organized” with proper groups and components and maybe reinstall SketchUp to see if that enables the autosave function.

A crash could also be due to a low performance CPU, but I guess that’s not the case with your iMac.

Best of luck!

Maybe related to this:

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