Bug Splats since SKP2020 Update

We use sketchup for designing gardens, nothing really heavy, rendering is done in Lumion which is not the problem.

The setup Intel I9-9900K and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti video card running on the latest drivers.
Also updated sketchup from the first 2020 version to the latest version.

Tbh. my colleagues are running on slightly worse graphic cards and systems but nothing really old and outdated. (like i7 with 2060/2070 cards)

The problem is since the sketchup 2020 update we experience several bug splats on a daily basis. (4 or 5 people 8h a day) This happens while moving, copying or rotating stuff or importing components which never happened in the old version.

Will this be fixed in a future update or is there something i can do about it?

Are you submitting the BugSplats and including your name and/or email address? If so, can you send me a private/direct message with the email address so that I can investigate?


Usually i never do that thinking that would not solve the case, the next time it happens i will submit it so you might be able to help me out.

The only way the developers get the information they need to track down bugs is if users submit their bugsplats. Please, always submit them!


AND include your email address so they can look them up!


Seconding this. Makes (my) life so much easier when reviewing BugSplats.


Is the Outliner open when doing these actions ?

+1. Just moved into 2020 over the weekend. Today has been non-productive with 3 crashes in 3 hours. Bug splats submitted with email address. Going back to 2019 to get some work done. Every crash has been different, so it is clearly not stable. Best one was when I started an ‘orbit’ and it wouldn’t stop spinning.
MBP 15 inch 2018, 2.9 ghz Intel core i9, 32 gb memory.
Mac OS 10.14.6

I found your crashes and will investigate further.

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I can’t operate properly with SU2020 pro version as it keep crashing, and it crashes without any Bugsplat notification…

Here are the issues i encounter:

  1. it crashes when i click on “ok” to accept message on “Version Warning” coz i’m opening a file saved in 2019 version. Sometimes it doesn’t crash, which is strange;

  2. with this 2019 file open, it crashes whenever I trying to save it and/or open a new window.

I can’t find a solution to these issues online. Please help… Thank you in advance.

There was a change with 2020, the bugsplat now shows when you reopen SketchUp, not when it crashes.

I’ve noticed that when opening a demanding file and you click Ok with the version warning, it can take just as long to finish opening as it took to get that far. Would you be able to put the file online somewhere that we can get it, to see if we also get the crashing?

Just found this reply. I’m pretty sure my problem is related to 3D Connexion’s version 10.6.4. I removed it, reinstalled version 10.6.1 and everything has been fine since. Took a bit to sort this out, but have not had any crashing issues since. Thanks again for your help.