Bug Splats SU 2020 Pro

hello, after long absence, but once again logged on to this forum. Currently I have a problem with SU2020. From installation of this new version I regularly get Bug Splats. Initially mainly with multiple copies, but now also with different actions. Are there more that are experiencing problems with version 2020 ?

Is your display card driver up to date? Is SketchUp set to use your Nvidia card?

Which version of SU do you have installed? If you haven’t installed version 20.0.373, you should update.

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hello Anssi, yes the card driver is up to date. And yes SU is set to my NVIDIA card

hello Mark, as I already said in my email to You, I have version 20.0.363 64bit. So it look likes there is a newer version with 20.0.373. But I can’t find a solution to update. within SU I can’t update, because SU reports that I already have the new version, which is not the case

You can download the installer here:


When you update, right-click the installer and choose “Run as administrator”.

The new version has a fix for bugsplat when copying when Outliner is open.

hello Marc / Dan, have version 20.0.373 64bit installed now. Hopefully this is going to help. Otherwise, I’ll come back. Thank you for your help, kindly regards

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