Bugsplat - doing almost anything

I’ve been using SketchUp for over 15 years. Never had a problem until now.

I build my models in AutoCAD and bring them into sketch for material and rendering. I loaded 2021 and got a graphics error. Found a fix and SketchUo opened normally,

Here’s the problem: when I try to add warehouse objects, if it lets me import it, If I try to modify it in any way: splat!

computer: Dell XPS 64 bit NVIDIA graphics card
Now here’s the weird part: My 2020 version stated doing the exact same thing a week ago. That’s why I downloaded 2021

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Since this only recently started happening with SU2020, look at what on your computer has changed. SketchUp 2020 didn’t. Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date and that the Nvidia graphics card is set to be used by SketchUp.

Have you sent in the Bug Splats with your e-mail attached so that someone could look at them and help you identify the problem?

Thanks for the reply.

I sent the bug reports in but haven’t heard from them,

I’ll look into the graphics cards