Bug splat error when I render with SU Podium in Sketchup 2018

Please, can someone help? I have a macbook pro and a I mac. On both i installed sketchup pro 2018 and SU podium 2,5+. But when i want to render i get a BUG SPLAT and nothing works. On my macbook pro , sketchup closes on its own… Each time again when I want to render. I tried to install everything again and still the same problem. What can i do?

Can you successfully render a simple model such as a single cube or cylinder?

Hi DaveR,

Yes, I just renderd a simple cube.

What is the file size of the model that is giving you trouble? How many entities are shown in Model Info>Statistics?

I would be suspicious of your graphics cards. Neither one is especially good.

edges: 232.717
faces: 127.678
groups: 100
Component instances: 162
Component Definitions: 64
Materials: 51
Styles: 1

The size is 28,7 MB

What do you get if you purge unused?

what do you mean with that?

In the Statistics panel, click on Purge.

nothing happens.

I’m still thinking it’s problem with your graphics cards. Save the file and then remove about half of it, purge unused and see if you can render that. It could be some texture or perhaps an excessively detailed component you picked up from the 3D Warehouse.

Yes you where correct. I removed some wine bottles from 3d warehouse and it worked! Thank you.
But for in the future, where can i download objects from that are ok to render?

That’s good.

I would expect you could find suitable items in the 3D Warehouse but you need to examine them before you stick them into you main model. Best workflow is to import 3D Warehouse components into a separate file so you can make sure everything is good before you put it into your model. Often you just need to simplify the components to make them useful.

Ok, thank you for that. I will do that.
And for the graphic cart, which one is best for these things? If i would by a laptop from HP or asus, which one is best? Or the new macbook pro?

You’re quite welcome.

As far as what graphic card, Nvidia GTX10xx and GTX20xx models are currently the cards to go with. Nvidia seems to have the best track record for OpenGL support. Currently Apple doesn’t seem to be utilizing Nvidia cards in their MacBooks. They have in years past and might do so again some day currently you’d be looking at a PC notebook of some sort. Lots of them to choose from.

Ok, thank you for that. I’m happy i can render now. :slight_smile:

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FYI. SU podium also has its own library, with ‘ready to render’ objects often optimised for usage in Podium (or other render engines) and not that high on polygons as some 3D Warehouse components.
Click on the little box in the SU Podium toolbar to see if there is any more wine left :smiley:

Or: check these bottles: