How do I overcome the constant system crashes with Sketchup Pro

I’ve been using SU since 2021 and been having constant issues with it. How do you explain the many occassions of the software crashing on me whenever i start with it. Baffling and puzzling of the orgasmic kind. Please help.

Crashing regularly is not normal behavior, finding what is causing the crash and fixing that should make your system more stable. Crashes do happen sometimes even with a well set up system, but they are usually rare and often predictable, because you are about to do something you know will probably cause a crash. Those are the times when you know to save before performing the action.

If you are crashing and getting a Bug splat, always send the splat and best to at least fill in the identifier, so the team can track your specific splats. Giving other info is also helpful. Not sending or not giving some identifying info means they can’t help you specifically. If they can track a splat they can often tell you what it was that was the issue, a graphic issue, or lack of memory etc.

The most common reasons are things like:

  • Poor graphic card or bad graphic card driver, you should keep you graphic card driver up to date direct from the manufacturer

  • Incorrect installation, Sketchup should be installed by using the Right Click, Run as admin option. This is not the same as being an admin when you install it. This method can be used after install as a Repair. Find the original Install.exe or download it again, select it, right click and choose Rn as admin, follow the prompts and choose repair. This won’t change toolbars plugins etc, it just repairs the installation.

  • Autosave clashing with save location. Sometimes people work on files stored non locally or that are synced to another drive. There can be problems if the autosave cuts in at the time as the sync or there is a break in the online connection.

There can be various other things and being able to track the bug splats would help with getting a specific issue for you.


Appreciate the prompt reply.Will look into the GUI on my system and see if it needs an overhaul of sorts.Incidentally, It’s an Asus Vivo Notebook that i’m using.Not the M2 Chip Macbook launched recently!!

I don’t know why you’d think I thought it was an M2 Macbook, all I have to go on is your profile which says Windows 11 and Intel aries.
From that i was guessing you might have had a high end Nvidia RTX card, but it would seem not.

Really? I think I’d better get myself an Asus Vivo Notebook. Sounds like a blast!

What extensions do you use regularly? Extensions can be a source of crashes. You might try disabling them all via the Extension Manager window, terminating and restarting SketchUp, and then see if crashes continue to occur.

When a crash occurs do you get bug splat notices, and an option to send them splat to Trimble? If so, I would suggest sending them, along with your name or email and a brief description of what you were doing in SketchUp during the minute or so leading up to the crash.

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