SketchUp Pro 2019 Crashing

My otherwise trustworthy SketchUp 2019 is crashing every few minutes. I’m not using it differently than I have for the time I’ve been a user. Any suggestions for trouble shooting would be much appreciated. I’ve rebooted my Mac and Skp program but each time it crashes.
I am noticing that it asks me to (re)name the file when I ‘Save’, which happens when I use 'Save As"…

Are you still using MacOS High Sierra or have you updated to a newer one?

I am using Sonoma 14.2.1, 2019 MacBook Pro
Ken.skp (119.6 KB)

By some reason Sonoma has been causing random crashes to a lot of users with sketchup 2023 cause it doesn’t have support for Sonoma, sketchup 2019 doesn’t even have support for Big Sur, if you were able to use it well on Ventura, I suggest you to go back to it, sketchup 2019 won’t have an update to make it work better on Sonoma.

Thanks. I have not had any issues until Sonoma. I had no problems running 2019 with Big Sur. Disappointing.

It is disappointing when the operating system evolves out from under your applications that you rely on. I think the general advice is to not upgrade the operating system beyond what the applications will support.


It has nothing to do with Trimble or Apple, Apple may have implemented something to Sonoma that wasn’t on previous OS, I don’t really know, anyways SketchUp 2024 will have full support for Sonoma but Sketchup 2019 hasn’t been supported for a couple years now.


There is a crashing issue that happens after you do a save. Only work around for now is to not save, or after you do save be prepared for a crash and reopen of SketchUp. If you get a bugsplat, can you send it in? Then I can confirm if it’s the save related crash.

There is a new issue in macOS 14.3, where any resizing of the Colors palette, or changing to another set of materials, causes a crash. You might want to stay on 14.2.1 for now.

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Autosave causes crashes as well or just manual saving?

In the case of the OP, it would be better to go back to ventura, cause SketchUp 2019 won’t receive any update.

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Auto save is fine, and if you work with saving and some other sort of crash happens, the recovered file should be worth using.

Going back to earlier macOS isn’t simple. I’m hoping that the developers will be able to suggest a work around for users, or that Apple will fix the crash on their side. Both crashes that is.