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Brilliant! Just curious - what are the height / width dimensions on this monster truck???


The spaceman is about 6.5ft for reference.


So… roughly 25 ft. high (not including mast) and 20 ft. wide.


Without the mast it’s 28ft wide and 31ft high about.


So it wouldn’t fit in an SLS block 2, with it’s 9.1m diameter payload space… :disappointed:


No indeed, something a lot bigger. It would most likely be built on the surface as it’s modular…


Which reminds me… I’ve seen SpaceX’s concept art for landers on Mars, but I haven’t (yet) seen any concept art from NASA for a lander that can deliver significant payloads to the moon. They did say they’re planning to go back, right?

Hey, maybe that’s an idea for your next SU project…! :wink:


For my Mars Lander I just dropped it (heat shield not shown, it’s fallen off by this point).

Those parachutes are actually really high up, just the perspective makes them look close.

For a moon lander I would probably do a similar thing minus the chutes since there is no atmosphere.

Yes it’s a shame about Nasa, just a bit of a mess for the most part despite the best intentions of most of the team. I guess thats what happens when you have to work for a government that changes focus so often and a lot of the bidding and production funding is directly tied to workforce deals etc.

You really need to be planning the space stuff decades at a time, I will be keeping my eye on China and the private sector for now!


I have doubled the width of the canvas, think it works better than a tight square crop. I know the shadows should be much harder, but I did not want to loose too many of the details around the wheels.

ObligatoryMax Grueter spaceman added :heavy_check_mark:


Those are great!! :+1:


Cheers, all done now!


Keyshot & Photoshop


The level of detail, realism, and creativity of your work is amazing! You are really talented.


ahhh " UPFRONT" :slight_smile: fitted on one 3.5" floppy

We did a 3d model of the Sydney Olympic Games Stadium with that brilliant software to study shadows and spectator sightlines. also Sydney Opera House, East Circular Quay development and all of the Sydney CBD using it [1996 I think]


Before YouTube…

What do you think? Should I dub it to digital and bring it to 3D Basecamp for some after hours amusement?


Definitely… or at least share on YouTube to show the world how simple and effective a program can be


I only had the trial version. For fitting on a floppy, the application was very expensive. It had kind of a "proto-SketchUp " look.


Well, I bought it for $495 AU dollars , showed it to my boss and got the company to buy it off me, considering my firm had 3 Silicon graphics computers and Sonata software [each costing $60,000 + $may 15,000 annual maintenance + 3 software license at $6000 annually + + + $500 bucks was pretty cheap for the capability

remember this is 1996



Very cool. I wonder if, so as not to hijack Liam’s portfolio thread, the discussion of Upfront should be be migrated to a new thread under Corner Bar. I had been thinking of doing that for some time anyway.