Sketchup Illustration & Similar Work


I’m stilling using my Cintiq 21UX from 2007…I figured in this day and age, any technological device that can still do what it was designed to do 11 years later got something right…thought I’m not immune from peer pressure or impulse buys either :wink:


Just wrapped up my first of three Basecamp talks, I wont spoil it for you but I will post the first three slides and agenda! Should be fun with some new stuff too! Hopefully if any of you are out there you can pop in.


Square Crazy…

If you can tell me whats hidden in those cubes and I see you at basecamp you get a beer…


Is this a magic eye sort of thing where you squint you un focus your eyes and look through the cubes? :wink:


Not intentionally but that works too! Since I had (TMI: my eyeballs popped out and my Retina’s re-attached manually I have an odd control over my focal ability!)

But maybe I can only see it because I drew it


Found him!!!


Aha, almost my friend! I will make it easier…its a continent.


Africa? I really like beer as you can see by my attempts here.


ha nice!


One last one, native Skp export.


Now make that an M C Esher cube :stuck_out_tongue: .


A giant crab…?






Thanks, it will be part of one of my talks at basecamp, ill post this model and any others back here in October after the event, they are a bit too big for the 3D WH.


Looking forward to seeing more of the the process. Sept 24th is coming fast!


I always think I’m doing ok in Sketchup, and then I see your work @liamk887. Stunning work!!


Ahh yes don’t remind me, two talks down one to go! Are you going to be out there too?

I always think I’m doing ok in Sketchup, and then I see your work @liamk887. Stunning work!!

Cheers, the wheel assembly, I have built parts in SketchUp based on this kit pack.

I liked them so much I remade them low poly (compared to the source!). Ive asked the author if I can release my kit based on his kit for free.

Some in here too:

Most of my fun work I am just reusing bits and bobs. Unfortunately I am not allowed to show anything I do in work everyday with SketchUp :frowning: , but it’s all much better than this stuff! Hopefully by the time basecamp comes around I can show a couple of things I did earlier this year fingers crossed!


My thoughts exactly!