Sketchup Illustration & Similar Work


Oh don’t mind me! Has been fun to read/watch.


Thanks everybody who came to my talk, if anybody has any pictures it would be great as I have none :joy:

Also I did not know they had printed my work outside in the tent, have no pictures of those prints if anybody caught them.


I’ve enjoyed your presentation so much that I wasn’t able to take photos either :wink:


I think I caught pictures of the group of them.


Well I had a blast, was great seeing my work printed all over, shame I did not know about the gallery area in the tent but glad others got some snaps.

I think this was the first image, or one of them, I ever posted here around a year ago!

For those of you who could not come, I have attached here both my presentation and the source files of the presentation I used in both .psd and .skp.

Cheers and look forward to 2020.



Here are the ones in the tent.




And don’t forget the other poster


He Liam, was nice meeting you (short intervention at the pool in the glowing dessert…)
Did you know the drummer on the 2010 basecamp-picture is actualy the guy who sent me to Basecamp? :sunglasses:



Hahaha, yes that’s me! A little bit more hair back then but I am playing better (batter?) these days :wink:


Based on a sketch I found on Instagram by Christian Grajewski

SketchUp with just Round Corner and Vertex Tools + Keyshot + Photoshop


Keyshot 7?:smiley:



Last tweaks and finished!


As yet untitled (and unfinished!)


Wow, I’m new here and just looked at all your posted work. It’s really amazing and so rich of details. I’m impressed.


It’s probably time to replace the Walt Disney sphere… :joy:


OMG! Your work is absolute stunning!


Oh Cheers


Playing with styles