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I’ve always loved posterized images in graphic design. London Underground posters are some of my favorites.


Cheers, this was an older model from last year but I am paying with colour a lot more now.


Have you tried using Adobe Dimension CC for rendering? It now supports import of SU models. I was a product focus tester and that was my #1 request - they did it.


Something similar…


Yes I have been using it since it was project Felix and I am now working with it an d Adobe via Volvo (where I work).

I find it useful for packaging but not for use as a standalone renderer, it’s still too slow and the material editor needs some improvements. I prefer to use only GPU based rendered at home (Octane, Thea and Unreal) and in work I use Keyshot but it’s spread over a server farm so although it’s CPU based its super fast.

Dn is still quite a while off in terms of speed and being able to load large models but the team are doing a great job of iterative improvements.


SketchUp, Marvelous Designer + Keyshot

Top part of the skull is a 3D scan the rest is SketchUp although with the lighting you can’t see much.


I recently discovered that none other than Syd Mead used to work at Volvo Trucks as a consultant, I managed to see some of his sketches and designs from the 70/80’s and although a few decades old they would not look out of place in Blade Runner!
It gave me an idea to design a new scifi truck based on some of his old sketches mixed in with some other ideas.
For the wheels I was heavily inspired by the VEX Mars Rover that Syd also designed for NASA, something that Sketchucation user Bryan K did a good job of a couple of years back, and whose wheels I was using for a long time before I built my own.

I am also taking a lot of inspiration from the fantastic Mike Hill and his hub driven wheel systems:

For these initial studies I used SketchUp for the model, Keyshot for some reflection passes and Photoshop for most of the colour, highlights, shadows and decals, I am also using a Wacom Cintiq Pro13. The main suspension uses some components from Nick Govacko’s amazing kit-bash modules:

I will adding more as I go and have started a blog here to keep track of it:


A bit more work from Sunday.

Not letting me upload images for some reason but you can see it here:



Good heavens Is there no end to your talent?


Let’s hope so!


hope not, I hope :sweat_smile:

Well its been a good year for drawing, including getting to visit SketchUp basecamp in California! Let’s hope next year work let me show some of the work I have been doing over the past 10 months and you can see something except made up spaceships and robots!


aint nothin’ wrong with spaceships and robots!


What I meant to hope for was that there would be no end to your talent…


I did get that, though it did take me a second.


Well liamk887 there was I thinking that you were just a one trick pony and all the time you could do real work., Always look forward to your seeing your inspirational work - keep it coming…


Yes of course only joking of course!

Oh cheers, yes just my luck working in my companies most secret division, however fingers crossed next year I can show something … finally after over 1 year! :zipper_mouth_face:


Wow!! Amazing work and very inspirational. Thanks for sharing…Mick C



I haven’t done anything in a while but my brother got me the new Syd Mead art book for Christmas, it had some more sketches of the VEX rover he did so I decided to try and finish my version this evening after work.


Pretty cool model concept! Nice branding tie-in as well. :slight_smile: